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Digital invoice processing at Frutiger Gruppe

Establish central processes, preserve individual characteristics

Digital invoice processing at Frutiger Gruppe



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Frutiger Gruppe

Technology used

NEVARIS Finance, DocuWare and JobRouter

For more than 150 years, Frutiger has stood for quality in construction and has grown steadily over the decades. Started as a small construction company in Oberhofen, Switzerland, today more than 20 companies belong to the Frutiger Group - each with its own, evolved corporate culture. Digitalization thus confronts the company with special challenges. This is because each construction company operates largely independently within the group and is very conscious of maintaining its culture and regional ties.

Making targeted use of know-how within the Group

The end-to-end digitization of business processes in the Frutiger Group and loss-free digital collaboration with external partners are important tasks for the future. Despite the cultural differences within the company, Frutiger is facing the challenges of the digital future. In the ongoing change process, it proved to be an advantage that various software constellations were already in use at a smaller scale in individual Frutiger subsidiaries. Urs Matti, Head of Central Purchasing, recognized the benefit of the experience gained for the entire group:

"A subsidiary in Geneva was already working with NEVARIS Finance, DocuWare and JobRouter and was very satisfied with the solution. So the question for us was whether this constellation could also be used for the entire group. After comparing various software solutions on the market, we determined that this software trio would work for the entire group in the future."


A shared process for the entire group

The concept, with which all partners in Frutiger's network were to identify, envisioned a uniform and binding process for recording invoices, as well as for checking, approving, and posting them. Paolo Altundag, Head of Services and member of the Frutiger Group Management Board, did not want to question the individual characteristics of the previous processes:

"We have very different companies in our network that have perfected their own processes over many years. A rigidly 'wired' workflow would not have done justice to these peculiarities and, at least in the early days of digital invoice processing, would have led to errors and, in the worst case, to incorrect postings or cash discount losses. With a targeted intermediate step in the workflow, we were able to take into account the individual needs of each company without deviating from our principle of a uniform process."

Central interfaces are well resolved today

The Frutiger Group is still busy implementing additional digitization options. What is certain, however, is that the introduction of the group-wide workflow was accompanied by a cultural change and a significant step towards a digital future. Paolo Altundag:

"The constellation between ERP, workflow and document archive system, that is NEVARIS Finance, JobRouter and DocuWare, simply fits; the interfaces are well solved. This is where the added value lies for us. What also helped us a lot during the implementation phase was the unrestricted and targeted support from Simplify and NEVARIS. Both responded quickly to our wishes and worked out suitable solutions."

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