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We put people first - in our company as well as in society. Through both our daily interactions with our colleagues, and, how we engage with the local communities.

Responsibility for Our Employees

Attracting and retaining highly qualified and motivated employees is one of the keys to success for the entire software industry. This particularly applies to companies such as the Nemetschek Group, as the market on which we operate is characterized by a high pace of innovation. As in other industries, the general shortage of skilled workers poses a challenge. We engage heavily in areas such as of attracting and retaining employees, education and training and health management. For further details, see our CSR report. 


Diversity is a key part of our companywide corporate culture. The individual cultures within our group of companies are very different, and this individuality is an important driver for the company’s innovative strength. Nevertheless, we are currently looking into a groupwide strategy and approach for Diversity Management.

Customers & Society

We form close, long-term customer relationships and in-depth cooperation with universities. We involve our customers in product development at an early stage - at Vectorworks for example, 70% of new features in each product release are based on specific customer requirements. Measures designed to contribute to product quality and customer satisfaction include joint development projects, customer panels and product previews, as well as beta testing and workshops. This creates the best solutions, for both our customers and society. At the same time, we build bridges with society through our social commitments.

Corporate Citizenship

Social commitments are very important to us as a group and to our brands individually. The Corporate Citizenship projects across the Nemetschek Group are as wide-ranging as our group itself, showcasing the different cultures of the brands. Many brands for example regularly donate to various non-profit organizations, are involved in charity runs and grant additional paid vacation to their employees to allow them to engage in voluntary work.

Our social commitment is reflected in our current Corporate Citizenship Booklet. Divided into three subcategories "People in Focus," "Building a Better World," and "Driving Digitalization," it features around 30 diverse projects.

Some further examples of our social commitment are:

As a part of Bluebeam's employee engagement efforts, they have been reaching out into their local communities through group volunteering events. The “Bluebeam Builds” program helps communities where Bluebeam operates by partnering with local organizations that enable neighborhoods to build a better quality of life and affect social change. The program included service activities in the housing, construction, digitalization and education fields, such as re-purposing old laptops to be used for youth education.

Although the majority of working US citizens are female, women are still a minority in the technology sector. Bluebeam and some of their female employees hosted a panel discussion with representatives of the local organization "Pasadena Women in Technology", to support women in this sector. They discussed how they got into the technology sector and how women can continue to advance in the field.

Joining the “Stadtradeln (City Cycling)” campaign, Frilo and DDS motivated their employees to reduce their CO2 emissions through cycling. The German campaign aims to raise people's awareness of the bicycle as a viablealternative to CO2-producing motorized traffic. In order to achieve this, the participants traveled by bicycle as much as possible for three weeks instead of using a combustion vehicle. In addition to achieving some impressive distances and emission reductions, some new enthusiastic cyclists could be won.