Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Managing our company well and taking responsibility for employees, society and the environment is vitally important to us. As a family business, we pay attention to solutions that are sustainable in the long term.


We aim to increase efficiency and productivity along the entire value chain of the construction industry through our software solutions. These solutions map the complete workflow in the lifecycle of a construction or infrastructure project – from the architects’ first sketch to construction, building management and operation of the property. Architects, engineers of all disciplines, building contractors, property managers, general administrators and building managers can use the Nemetschek Group’s software solutions to plan, build and later manage digitally, thereby conserving resources.


Employees & Society

We have a strong focus on our employees and society. It is our goal to create the best possible environment for our employees, to attract and retain the best talent, to offer equal opportunities and to treat everyone with the utmost respect.

However, our social responsibility is not limited to our employees. It also includes how we work with our customers and partners and how we engage with society.

As a business partner and employer, the Nemetschek Group attaches particular importance to long-term customer relationships and far-reaching cooperation in the university sector.

Environment & Climate

Sustainable management and intact ecosystems form the basis for healthy living. The construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive sectors and the demand for housing is constantly increasing. The construction industry is therefore challenged to handle raw materials and energy more efficiently in order to build and manage in a more sustainable way.

As a partner for architects, engineers, building managers and the construction industry, the Nemetschek Group is aware of its ecological responsibility and takes it seriously. With software solutions that improve resource efficiency in the construction industry, use resources sparingly and reduce the energy requirements of buildings, the Group contributes to climate and environmental protection.

Integrity & Compliance

Nemetschek is committed to human rights, strict avoidance of corruption and bribery, fair competitive behavior, prevention of discrimination and responsible handling of data protection and data security. This is based on the conviction that long-term business success can only be achieved by acting in a legally compliant and responsible manner.
An open corporate culture and an established and effective compliance management system are key in the fight against corruption and bribery. Key objective is to prevent compliance incidents as a matter of principle. To this end, the Nemetschek Group takes a preventive compliance approach and fosters a corporate culture in which all employees are sensitized to the issue and receive appropriate training.